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Structured Data Recipe (ingredients)

  • Hi,
    I would like to buy the pro version but first I want to know if the plugin allows you to insert in a template “Recipe Data Structured” the ingredients one at a time like this:

    <span itemprop=”ingredients”>400 grams of flour 00</span>
    <span itemprop=”ingredients”>100 grams of ham</span>


    Thank You.

  • Yes, you could use a repeater field to do something like that.

    Are you asking if it will output the code that you included?

    <span itemprop=”ingredients”>400 grams of flour 00</span>
    <span itemprop=”ingredients”>100 grams of ham</span>
  • No, ACF does not automatically add content to your site. You will need to edit or create template files and code the output of the content yourself.

  • I know this… But the repetear function allow
    <span itemprop=”ingredients”>ingredienti1</span>


    <span=”ingredients”>ingredient1, ingredient2</span>



  • Yes, it would. Something like

    if (have_rows('my_repeater_field')) {
      while (have_rows('my_repeater_field')) {
            <?php the_sub_field('ingredient'); ?>


  • Hi,
    I bought the plugin but I find difficulty with the printing of ingredients (with repetear field) as you set?

    The field is called “ingredients”, it works in the backend post, I put everything, but I can not make it appear in the template.

    Can You Help Me?

    Thank you.

  • What are then names of the repeater sub fields?

  • Hi!

    I’ll explain what I want to create: a list of ingredients.

    I don’t know well the technicalities of the plugin but I would like to create something like this:

    Field name ingredient: field quantities (eg 100 gr, 50 ml , 1, 2, 3, etc. etc.)

    I would also like that the field name ingredient goes to read the ingredients url tag that I have in my db, with relative url, eg: Strawberries > url-of-mysite/strawberries.

    If there is no tag can I put the ingredient without url.

    An example:

    Pasta with beans

    beans/: 400 gr
    pasta/: 350 gr
    celery: 1 stalk
    garlic: 1 clove
    extra virgin olive oil: 3 tablespoons
    oregano: to taste
    salt and pepper: to taste

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • You need to extend you code and relate it to WordPress tags or categories. I think for what you need is tags
    1. Create a repeater field with two fields inside: ingredient_name and quantity. ingredient_name must be a taxonomy type field with post_tag.
    2 in your template use ingredient_name to create the link; and ingredient_name + quantity to make the structured data

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