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  • Hi There!

    I am working pretty heavily with your ACF Fields and also the Flexible Content Field. Sometimes I have a plenty amount of sections inside the flexible content field and I thought it would be nice if we somehow could group them, so the user has a “nicer” selection in the edit-page of the post-type.

    I made an screenshot, to show you what i mean.

    Is something like this imaginable? I guess I could the “render_field” method to make some adjustments, but I guess some “core”-options or functionality would be nicer 🙂

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    I added the image as an attachment.

    ( *sigh*, didn’t see the attachment-button before *facepalm* ^^ )

  • Your image is not working, gives a 403 error. You can upload images directly to this forum if you want to edit you comment.

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