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Something is wrong with 5.7.11 and different sites other bugs (acf-json)

  • Since a few days ACF is doing some weird things. Some of my sites stop showing data containing in fields, others stop displaying the fields in the wp-admin and others just lose the content within the ACF custom fields settings. There is no real “this is the bug” because it is different on different sites.

    All run the latest version of 5.7.11 and all are synced via the acf-json feature. Reverting back to 5.7.10 doesn’t really solve the issue. I’ve read up on a few treads around here, but none of the issues seem to be inline with mine. I just hope we can get a 5.7.12 update soon that fixes the inconsistencies.

    I’ve read that you can re-download the current version and this should help some issues, but for me it doesn’t and this also isn’t feasible because I have a bunch of sites running that are on an auto update schedule on which I can’t go in and manually fix each version, I rather have a number increase and update automatically.

  • More than likely you are seeing the issues caused by the update. Right now you will either need to follow the instructions that where mentioned or you need to log into your account and manually download and upload the corrected version. Another option would be to roll back to 5.7.10 by manual upload. I don’t know when the developer is planning to release an update, so I can’t help you there.

  • Elliot said he hopes to get 5.7.12 out today that includes all the fixes.

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