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Some fields are broken (but not on my machine)

  • Hello!

    I’m struggling with an issue on a site I’m currently working on. Some of my fields gets broken in wp-admin. The get no classes and no data-keys. It seem to occur mostly on more dynamic fields like tabs and taxonomy listings.

    It works well on my local environment but not on our test server.

    Things I’ve done:
    * Reinstalled WordPress
    * Reinstalled ACF Pro
    * Updated PHP to 7.3
    * Updated MySQL to 5.5
    * Pulled down the database from the server to my local environment and… It works on my machine.

  • Two more images to this. The classes are broken at many places on the test server. Take a look at these:

  • I solved it. Now i feel stupid.

    Don’t put åäö in your field ID’s kids

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