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Single product page with icons and dynamic values

  • Hi all,

    I’m a total newbie with ACF and especially how to show those fields on the shop’s Single product page.

    This forum + Googling has learnt a lot for me, but there are still many issues I have not been able to solve by myself. Maybe it’s time to ask opinions/help from more experienced users how this should be done?

    So, I’m building a shop which sells car tires. For each tire I’d like to show three small symbols side by side added with a dynamic value for each. All of this should be placed below product name (image attached). In my example image Gasoline pump has value E, Rain cloud has value C and Noise has value 71. I guess all of these symbols+value labels can be GIFs or PNGs, because none are available as icons.

    I’m a person who adds all products to shop, so I was thinking the quickest solution would be to use ACF Checkboxes for selecting correct values for each symbol.

    So, could someone kindly advise what would be the most reasonable way to make this work with ACF? Should I add Gasoline pump, Rain cloud and Noise as Attribute and same goes to dynamic values? Also, how to show all of this on the front end as in my example image? Any other thoughts are more than welcome!

    Many thanks in advance,

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