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Simple code

  • Hi all, i am total noob in programing, so if someone can help with small code.

    I have large number of posts, each post have custom fields (team_1 and team_2) which i stated in advanced custom filed plugin.

    And i want that engine lists all that fields, so i am using some code i found online

    while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

    So that i get result like
    Team 1 name
    Team 2 name
    then again from second post
    Team 1 name
    Team 2 name

    But nothing happens.
    Please, if someone can help with this small issue

  • Hi @ivanko

    Could you please check if the values are saved in the backend? Also, could you please manually pass the post ID as the second parameter of the the_field() function like the following?

    the_field(‘team_2’, 99);

    Where 99 is the ID of your post. This will check if the value is saved correctly and can be returned correctly too.

    Could you also take a look at this page:


  • Hi, and thank you for reply!
    Yes, when i put post ID, i get result, it works.
    But without ID it does not work.
    But i am using Exec-PHP plugin for inserting php in wordpress and i think it’s the problem with that plugin since the code works in normal php file.
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

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