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show page content instead of category content

  • I am trying to create a SILO structure on one of my WordPress site.

    I have always checked this option on SEO plugin “Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.”

    So my category pages have this URL: (where “apple” is the category page)

    Now I want to create a new “page” with the same slug, apple.

    I can create a new “apple” page easily, however, when I go to the category page is displayed — instead of the newly created page.

    My question: Is there a way to “override” the default priority of category over a page? I’d like to show page because I will have control over it — I can customize, add more content, and change them easily (plus, pages are going to help me structure my site better)

  • The answer in no, this is a WP thing. WP should not even allow you to create a page with the slug of “apple” if there is something else using that slug. I don’t event know what SEO plugin you’re using, this is not a feature in the one I use. I suspect that there is something in the SEO plugin because this is not a feature of WP to remove /category/.

    You would need to delete the category or go back to having /category/ in the URL.

    I would talk to the developer of the SEO plugin you are using or look further into WP itself, but this is not something that ACF can help with.

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