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Show media library left sidebar on add image

  • Hi all,

    i would like to know if there’s a features (without edit the plugin template file) to show the left sidebar (wich you can choose to crate a playlist, a gallery, … ) on media library open by click on add image field.

    It will be very usefull in a multisite installation, becuse i can share (through network share plugin) media content like image, video, audio and document.

    Let me know please!


  • That’s probably because the answer in no, there isn’t a way to do this. Besides, and ACF image field can only contain a reference to an image, no to other types of objects like the ones you mention. I don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but there’s probably some other way to do it.

  • Hi John,
    thanks for reply!

    I know that at the moment the answer is no because the main topic is feature request 😉

    My need is: when i try to upload an image, the upload media wondow have to display all the setting in the left sidebar.

    With this settings, i can share media through a muiltisite wp.

    If there’s another option in acf that can do that, tell me!

    Here’s an example!
    Example need

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