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Show / hide metabox and the 'seamless' style

  • Hope this hasn’t been repeated elsewhere; I couldn’t see it referenced before. Great plugin, really a big fan – just wanted a quick note to point out an issue that had me stumped for a while.

    1. Add a field group with the Standard (WP metabox) style
    2. On the post editor page, confirm it’s there. Then collapse the metabox using the arrow toggle
    3. Return to field group editor and change the style to Seamless (no metabox)
    4. Back to post editor – you can no longer see the fields at all, even when toggling them with the Screen Options panel

    This was flagged when one of our users reported that they could no longer see the fields after I’d updated the style, and has been verified by several tests so I’m assuming it’s not just me(?) I’ve had to resort to the metabox style, as I have no idea how many users have temporarily toggled the box to small (which is obviously saved with their preferences) and therefore wouldn’t be able to use the fields if I were to run with the Seamless style.

  • Hi @mattn

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ll see if I can use some simple CSS to override the ‘toggle’ state.


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