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Show fields only if custom taxonomy has a parent

  • I’ve had a look and cannot see how this is possible, and cannot find a plugin so here is my request below.

    I want to show fields in the admin for a custom taxonomy (Manufacturers in my case) only if they have a parent.

    If there is already a plugin please let me know, otherwise, this could be a cool new feature. Otherwise, I have to show the fields for all manufacturers and not just the sub manufacturers, which is annoying.

  • *bump* any response please? 😀

  • I agree. I’m as of now taking a shot at it. I need to add a few models to the taxonomy templates documentation. Particularly in the taxonomy templates layouts area. I’d get a kick out of the chance to include a case for the taxnomy.html and terms templates.html. Regardless i need more clarification how to do that.

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