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show a pre-defined image upon selection of radio button

  • I’m trying to create a section where it will show a pre-defined image when I choose a certain radio button within products.

    I have created all the radio buttons within the field and have got it showing in the product page when a certain category is selected.

    I now have an option within this of “watercooling” set on radio buttons with 2 options of “yes” & “no”
    I want it so that if I select “yes” then a pre-defined image will populate within an area on an elementor product template.

    Any help would be grateful

  • HI @swifty

    I’d be more inclined to use a True/False field. You can then do something like:

    <?php if ( get_field( 'display_watercooling' ) ): ?>
    Your image goes here
    <?php endif; ?>

    So using an True/False field called ‘Display Watercooling’, if it’s then ticked, the predfined image is shown. If it’s not ticked, you could either show another image (add an ELSE clause) OR not show an image at all.

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