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Shortcodes creating strange HTML

  • I’m using ACF fields with shortcodes on the normal (Gutenberg) editor.

    The HTML output with the shortcodes is not OK.

    For example, I use this in a HTML block in the editor:

    <p>[acf field='resumen']</p>
    <p><strong>[acf field='oferta']</strong></p>
    <p><a class="button" href="[acf field='web']" target="_blank">VER OFERTA</a></p>

    And the HTML output in the page is:

    Herramienta para crear formularios web. 50% de descuento en el Plan Agencia.
    <p><a class="button" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">VER OFERTA</a></p>

    So instead of showing the ACF fields inside the p tags, sometimes it’s showing the fields and then the tags. But that doesn’t happen in the last line for some reason.

    Do you what could be causing this or how to solve it?

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