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Shortcode of others Plugins with ACF

  • What kind of field should I use in ACF to run a shortcode from another plugin?

    My text in post using shortcode is

    Year of manufacture:[acf field = [magicdate] year_field [/magicdate]]
    Manufacturer: [acf field = [wiki] Manufacturer_field [/wiki]]

    Where “magicdate” and “Wiki” are plugins that use shortcode to display information in the post.

    I simply can not get the value entered in the ACF field to be converted by the second plugin. The text is not converted and appears the way it is.

  • You cannot use shortcodes that way, that is using a shortcode to add a value to a shortcode.

    Instead you need to add the shortcodes directly to the ACF field and then you can add a filter to format the value and run the shortcodes found in that field. An example of adding a filter to do shortcodes is included on this page

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