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setting \'form\'=>false on acf_form() cannot be saved

  • So I’ve been trying to “merge” a simple acf_form into another form in my template. It works fine when I simply use acf_form(), but the issue is that it generates its own submit button and I end up with 2 submit buttons, which doesn’t work in my context. Also, updating the ACF Form won’t update the other fields in my other form and vice versa.
    So I tried using:

    ‘form’ => false));

    This got rid of the <form> tags. However, when I use my own <input type=”submit”>, the acf_form fields are not saved at all.
    Is there something I’m missing? I’ve even gone as far as generating the form using acf_form() simply and copying the HTML elements in the no-form tag form, but still no luck.

  • When you call acf_form() it must be done between the <form> and </form> tags for your other form.

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