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Set cpt editing capabilities according to acf meta

  • Hi,
    i’ve created a CPT named “research”.
    For this CPT, i’ve created a relationship meta linked to users.

    I’m looking for a way to allow users to edit only the CPT entry that there are relation with…

    I’ve digged the wp_list_table class, to look for hook, but didn’t find anything…

    Do you have some ideas ?
    thank you

  • This is not really an ACF question. This can be done with WP roles and capabilities.

    You need to create a custom user role. Similar to Author Role they should have the ability to edit only their own posts. Then you set them to the author of their posts. You the correct roles and capabilities when creating the post type.

    There are probably other ways of doing this, but will all have something to do with user roles and capabilities.

  • Thank you for your answer,
    the fact is that i want user can edit the post regarding to acf meta value, not if it’s the author of the post…

  • There are ways to do this, but I don’t know how.

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