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Separate gallery images in lightbox

  • Hi – I’m using the gallery field to display multiple galleries on a single page. I’m also using a the blueimp lightbox plugin to enable users to view the images full size. This all works fine, apart from the fact that the gallery images all merge together in the lightbox. Can someone please tell if if it’s possible to ‘group’ images so that the lightbox galleries display separately. I know this is possible using the [gallery] shortcode by using something like [gallery group="gallery1"], but not sure if this can be done with ACF.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  • I don’t think this is really an issue with ACF. It sounds like more of an issue with the blueimp plugin that your using getting all the gallery images and lumping them together. I would contact the author of that plugin and see what can be done about keeping the galleries separate.

  • Hi John
    Thanks for getting back to me. You are completely correct – not quite sure why I didn’t realise that in the first place.

    It turns out I just needed to add a tag to the link around the images –
    … and that solved my problem.

    Thanks again.

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