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Seeing if ACF has the functionality I'm looking for

  • Hi. This post is just to inquire as to whether the ACF plugin will work for my particular needs. My client’s website has a few pages that are formatted in certain way, that I was thinking may be easier to maintain through a plugin (if such a plugin exists- perhaps ACF?) These pages basically list blocks of info, where each block has the same components- something like this:

    Presenter name 1
    Presentation title 1
    Presentation description 1

    Presenter name 2
    Presentation title 2
    Presentation description 2


    So I was wondering if with ACF, I could define the components of a block (i.e.- I’d set each block to have a name, a title, & a description, and I could then have this block of data be called something like “Presentation”). And then I was hoping for a new link in the left column menu of the WordPress back end (the menu with “Pages”, “Posts”, “Media”, “Appearance”, “Plugins”, etc.) that would be called “Presentations”, with a sub-menu that has a link for listing all the current Presentations that have already been entered, and another link for adding a new Presentation, and maybe also a link for ordering the Presentations. And lastly, there would need to be a way to associate a specific page with the Presentation data, so that the page’s content is the sequential listing of the Presentations. (And ideally, I’d also like to be able to define other data blocks, and have those be associated with other pages.) So if this isn’t the sort of thing that ACF does, then would anyone perhaps know of some other plugin that has this functionality? Thanks.

  • This is what ACF would be used for, but you are also talking about things that could be handled directly by WP. What you are talking about is a combination of a Custom Post Type (CPT) and custom fields.

  • O.K.- thanks so much.

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