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  • Hi,

    I created a custom post type with a user field. I extended the user field with a few extra fields by using the hook acf/fields/user/result (see code below). This works perfectly, but when I want to search in the dropdown it only works for the user name and not the added data. How should I manage that I can search on everything that is added to the dropdown?

    //add company to acf user dropdown
    function change_user_acf_result( $result, $user, $field, $post_id ) {
        $result = $user->user_login;
    	if( $user->first_name ) {
    		$result = $user->first_name;
    		if( $user->last_name ) {
    			$result .= ' ' . $user->last_name;
    	um_fetch_user( $user->ID );
    	$company 	= um_user('installateur-company');
    	$lang 		= um_user('installateur-lang');
    	if($company) $result = $company." - ".$result;
    	if($lang) $result .= ' - ' . $lang;
        return $result;
    add_filter( 'acf/fields/user/result', 'change_user_acf_result', 5, 4 );
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