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Screen Options disappeared

  • I am running WordPress 4.0 and ACF 4.3.9. I am building a site completely with custom post types (defined in functions.php) with a set of custom field groups for each. Typically I hide all screen options for custom field groups, but now I found myself in need of WP categories. I unchecked “categories” from the “hide on screen” section of my custom field options, but the Categories tab fails to appear. In fact, on the edit screen under “screen options” the only checkbox options I see are “slug” and the title of my custom field group.

    This is only happening for one particular post type. If I show all options under field group settings for any other post type they show up as checkbox options. But not this one. And this field group hasn’t otherwise changes, and all post types are defined exactly the same way in functions.php.

    So, what the hell? The only thing that has changed recently is upgrading both WP and ACF to the latest versions.

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