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Returning name from Relational Tax field

  • Hi there,

    I’m trying to display directly from the return of my relational tax field the name of the tax selected. I’m need to use this with visual composer “postgrid”. I can add a acf field in the template but by default the field return the ID or an Array.

    Is there a way to do that ? With filters maybe ?

  • ACF only stores the term ID in the DB and this is why the ID is shown. Are you trying to use a shortcode to show the term? This is an advanced field. You need to check with the creator of what you’re using to display the fields how you would go about doing what you want to do and if they offer any hooks you can use to add filters.

  • Hi John Huebner

    So is there a simple way with an acf filters to change the id by the name before it was display ?

    In my case, on post grid, there is an option ACF field to display what I want but that display the ID

  • Only if you use ACF functions to show the field.

    I’m need to use this with visual composer “postgrid”.

    Visual composer’s postgrid is not using ACF functions. You’ll need to use filters provided by what you’re using.

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