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Request: Mini WYSIWYG / Rich Text Editor Field Type

  • Hi, I would really like a field type that is somewhere between a textarea field and a full WYSIWYG field.

    It would let you control the number lines like the textarea field, but it would have a very simple set of tools at the top to let you make words bold or italic, add links, or turn text into lists, without the client needing to add HTML themselves.

    Good examples of this are the Rich Text module within HubSpot and even the very text editor I am using to type this forum post.

    It would also be nice if you could customise what WYSIWYG elements are available to a user, so you could add things like font colour or size but remove the option to add list items or links.

    This would be useful for things like headings where a client user might need to make a specific word bold, but you don’t want them to rely on adding HTML to a text field, and the full WYSIWYG field just takes up too much space on the backend for something that is usually only a handful of words.

  • First, you might not understand the lines setting on the textarea field, this is just the initial lines shown, unless you are talking about the character limit settings, and this would not work very will when using html because all of the code would count as added characters.

    The WYSIWYG field has a setting for full or basic to limit the controls that are available. In addition to this the controls can be alter using a filter as described here

    The developers don’t visit this forum, if you want to suggest this to them you need to contact them here, open a ticket in your account, or make a suggestion here.

  • Hi John, thank you for the reply.

    I understand the lines setting on the textarea field is basically just saying how tall the box is on the backend, and that’s the kind of control I’d like available for the WYSIWYG field since it’s very tall by default.

    However, I didn’t know you could customise the toolbars like that, and that’s very exciting. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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