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Replicate 3 fields to the Home Page.

  • Hi, how can you see in the link I have built loops for songs in ACF.

    Each loop contains:
    Title (Text Field)
    Tags (Taxonomy)
    file.mp3 (File)

    But I would like to create a new field that can select 3 options and allow me to send the title field, tags and .mp3 file to the HOME page.

    In other words, you can choose what, in addition to the songs appearing on the MUSIC page, the song you choose can appear in any of the three sections on the HOME page.

    Treding Track (Button)
    New Releases (Button)
    Popular (Button)

    What kind of field or relation do I need to solve this problem.

    I would be very grateful if you could help me.

  • The solution was simple, create a condition if (get_field (”)) {?> with the True / False field.

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