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Repeater selection by category id

  • Hi.
    I need your help.

    There is a repeater that contains categories and a repeater with a list of indicators (enter manually).

    There is a page on which all these data are filled and such a table is obtained.

    On each page of records a repeater with a list of indicators (which were entered on the page above) and a mark (false / true) is displayed.


    How can you make it so that the indicators are tightened depending on the category in which the record is located.

    I’m doing this way. In the function.php file

    function acf_load_select_pokaz( $field ) {

    $field[‘choices’] = array();
    if( have_rows(‘f_pokaz’, 47) ) {
    while( have_rows(‘f_pokaz’, 47) ) {
    $terms = get_the_terms( get_the_ID(), ‘category’);
    $termname = get_sub_field(‘f_pokaz_cat’, $terms);
    if( have_rows(‘f_pokaz_blocktext’) ){
    while( have_rows(‘f_pokaz_blocktext’) ) {
    $value = get_sub_field(‘f_pokaz_text’);
    $field[‘choices’][$value] = $value;


    return $field;

    add_filter(‘acf/load_field/name=function_item_name’, ‘acf_load_select_pokaz’);

    But it is not possible to select exactly the category in which this entry is found

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