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Repeater on Options page saves only 100 items

  • Hello,
    I have Options page with one repeater where I would like to have lot’s of data. Every time I save it, it saves to DB only first 100 items in repeater. I’ve also tried new ‘post_id’ parameter for options pages to save data to postmeta instead of options table, but it’s still the same.
    Parameter “Max rows” in Field Group settings don’t change anything here, I’ve tried to set it to large number or left it blank. It allows me to create infinite number of items in ACF repeater, but when I save the Options, only exactly first 100 items are saved. Sound like some hardcoded value somewhere to me.

    Thank you for assistance! Jakub Klapka

  • When this happens it is usually a problem with the PHP setting max_input_vars. You need to increase the value of this setting. To see where it is and to prevent loosing data try this plugin

  • You are right, that didn’t occured to me. Thank you!

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