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Repeater not saving text, odd numbering when inserting new rows

  • Hi there,

    I’m having an issue with the Repeater plugin (version 1.1.1). When I create repeater fields, and load the post type assigned to it, I can see the first repeater is in place, with an index of 1. However if I enter text and update, it doesn’t get saved.

    If I load the page again, and click the Add Row button, it adds another row with the index of 1 also. If I click again, it adds a row with an index of 2. Both of these new rows are inserted above the first row, which never saves. If I enter something into the new rows 1 or 2, they get saved.

    Can anyone help diagnose what I can do to fix this issue? It’s causing a significant holdup on a project.

    Many thanks!


  • Are there a lot of fields and content on the page that’s being edited other than this repeater?

  • Hi John,

    No, the posts are almost completely empty, I’m using the repeaters to add information.

    I have found some more oddities:

    If you delete the non-row, you cannot add another row in the repeater.

    By the way, this problem applies to all types of content, namely posts, pages, and custom post types.



  • It’s very odd, I’m not seeing any issues like this with any of my sites. Have you tried deactivating other plugins and switching to one of the default WP themes to see if there is some incompatibility happening?

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