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Repeater in WooCommerce Order

  • I have been looking through the documentation and all of the threads here (and elsewhere) and have been unable to get this working:

    • I want to have a name, company and email address entered for each quantity of a product purchased.
    • These fields would be displayed on the WooCommerce Checkout page, allowing the user to enter the information at checkout
    • Upon checkout, and creation of the order, the info would be saved to the order.

    I have created a field group to show if the Post Type = Order with a repeater field and corresponding sub-fields.

    I am able to display the fields (hooking into woocommerce_before_order_notes) then using acf_form(). From what I have read, I then need to use acf_save_post() to update the fields but I am unable to get it working.

    Most of the examples show only parts of the code, but if someone has a working example, it would be most appreciated.

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