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Repeater Fields stoped working Version 5.6.10

  • All of the sudden my repeater fields stopped working. The website is Worked perfectly a few days ago. The only one of the repeater fields that works all the time is performer, and that displays in the wrong div when the problem occures.

    `<div class=”owl-carousel owl-theme loop”>

    <?php if( have_rows(‘shows’) ): ?>
    <?php while( have_rows(‘shows’) ): the_row();

    // vars
    $show_image = get_sub_field(‘show_image’);
    $date = get_sub_field(‘date’);
    $performer = get_sub_field(‘performer’);
    $admission = get_sub_field(‘admission’);
    $ticket_link = get_sub_field(‘ticket_link’);
    $show_page = get_sub_field(‘show_page’);
    $show_details = get_sub_field(‘show_details’);
    $ticket_instructions = get_sub_field(‘ticket_instructions’);
    $time = get_sub_field(‘time’);


    <div class=”item col-12″>
    <div class=”card front-card”>

    <div class=”card-img-top” style=”background-image: url(‘<?php echo $show_image[‘url’]; ?>’);”>“> </div>
    <div class=”home-date”><?php echo $date; ?></div>
    <div class=”inner-card”>
    “><?php echo $performer; ?>
    <p><?php echo $show_details; ?></p>
    <p><b>Time:</b>  <?php echo $time; ?></p>
    <div class=”bottom”>
    <div class=”admission”><?php echo $admission; ?></div>“><div class=”btn-home”><?php echo $ticket_instructions; ?></div>

    Its on again off again problem.

  • Hi @scatory

    From your code, it looks like performer is a sub field. Would you mind sharing a JSON export of the field group to shed some light on the structure of the field group?

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