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Repeater field & other Custom Fields

  • Hello,

    I created a CPT called ‘JOBS‘. doing this from last few months.

    And, created lot of Custom Fields using ACF. (Few of them are ‘Repeater’ fields)

    Now, I want to display the data entered using the Custom Fields, by creating a template file for JOBS.

    So, basically, I need to check if any Data entered into each Custom Field, and if so, need to display that data in each job posting.

    I want to use any display Plugin for that (do not want to write any PHP code myself).

    Kindly suggest me any Plugins that helps in creating a layout with easy display of Custom Field Data.

    (Drag & Drop plugins will be better. And I don’t mind even the PAID plugins.)

    I checked few Plugins like ELEMENTOR, CONTENT VIEWS etc, but they don’t support the ‘REPEATER’ field of ACF.

    Please help by suggesting best Plugins to display ACF data !

  • There aren’t any plugins that will do this, at least not that I’d recommend. They appear from time to time but they usually do not last long. ACF, especially repeaters generally require coding. ACF is a great plugin but not if coding is something you want to avoid. There are other custom field plugins available for custom fields that also will allow you to create front end output.

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