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Repeater can't display (and save) more than 225 rows in wp-admin

  • I have a simple PHP import function that creates ACF repeater rows and populates them with data. I am working with 1500+ rows. After running the import function, everything displays just fine on the front-end (e.g. 1900 repeater rows).

    However, when I open the admin option page in which the ACF repeater is set to be displayed, it is only able to show 225 rows and no more. The problem is, if I click ‘Update’ button on this option page, every row (except for those 225) gets deleted.

    Is there some limit? Is it possible to turn it off?

    These are my PHP settings:

    max_execution_time = 600s
    memory_limit = 512M
    post_max_size = 256M
    max_imput_vars = 1000

  • max_input_vars is obviously too low it your have 1500+ rows. 1500+ (times) number of fields in each row (plus) all or your other fields.

    However, this should not prevent ACF from showing these 1500+ rows in the admin if they exist on the site. max_input_vars only effects form submission and I can’t provide any solution as to why the rows are not appearing on the admin page.

    You might want to rethink why you’re using a repeater field here and if there might be a better solution. 1500+ rows seems a little extreme.

  • Hmm, good point, I raised my limit to a safe value. However I really don’t know why it was showing that amount it back-end. I get the point of not saving them because of the low max_input_vars limit, but that display error is strange.

    Also, it is weird but now they all display fine (even before raising the limit). Anyway, I hope it will be all right in the future. I am marking my question as resolved. Thank you.

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