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Removing unused ACF entries from wp_options

  • Hi, What would be the best way to remove old ACF entries from the options table?
    I have a lot of ACF option fields and a lot of deleted fields as well. I would like to get rid of all the “dead” entries from options and I don’t really care if the data for currently used fields is also lost. Meaning, is it safe to just delete all the entries with “options_” prefix? Would they get repopulated once I save the options page again?

  • Yes, as long as there are no other plugins using the “options_” prefix for option names you can delete them all. You will then need to go into each of your options pages and set them all again to only save the ones being used.

  • Thank you for that. Kind of figured that is the case and ACF uses update_option() in the background.

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