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Relationships has an empty list

  • I added a relationship field of a custom post type called “ejercicio”, to some products. See the first attached image.

    Then if I want to edit the product, I can see the relationship field but the list is empty. See the second attached image.

    As you can see in the second image, there’s a post selected which was made by another user (admin user). This admin user can actually see the complete list and edit anything.

    Curiously, I can add and edit the posts of this custom post type but I can’t see them in the product page. Modifying the query of this relationship field wasn’t helpful. See the third attached image.

    I thought the problem might be with the custom user role (store manager + more privileges), but I tried giving all the privileges from the admin account and no luck.

    If you need more information please let me know. I have the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and ACF.

  • I am only guessing at this. I think it has something to do with the permission settings for that post type and your user type. More than that I don’t know.

  • All I can think of is that this is an issue with the plugin.

    Using this code below I get all the results correctly, as the attached image.

    $args = array(
    	'post_type' 		=> 'ejercicio',
    	'posts_per_page'	=> -1

    But when I modify the relationship query with the exact same code as above, I get nothing.

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