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Relationship list oddly limited to 20 items

  • Hi,

    I’ve a custom post (call it event) that have a relationship field to another CTP (called musician).

    No problems to make relation, but oddly, the list just show the 20 first musician alphabeticaly ordered. I’ve made a simple test: Edit a musician name that start with Z to start with a A. And it showed in the list but the perviously 20th item disapear…

    So my question is: Is the list of realtion is limited by some value ? How can i change this value ? Or is it a bug ?

    Many thank

  • Initially the relationship field shows the first 20 and when you scroll to the bottom it should load 20 more. Or you can use search to find the one you’re looking for.

    If it’s not loading more then you have a javascript conflict. Try disabling other plugins to find out where the conflict it.

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