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Relationship Fields Are Unable to be Updated in Posts in Dashboard

  • Hello!

    I am a grateful ACF user. I was introduced by a developer who created our website in WordPress a few years ago – we have since severed ties with him or else I likely would not be in the situation that we’re currently in.

    I am using WordPress v4.7.3

    I am using ACF version 4.3.9
    I am also using:
    ACF Custom Fields Repeater v1.4.3
    ACF Date and Time Picker v2.1.5
    ACF Options Page v1.2.0
    ACF Repeater Field v1.1.1

    I am unable to update ACF to the current version because it breaks my site. With the change in the way Dates and Times are used and stored, all the page templates which call posts and order and display them correctly. We have performance dates which are entered into a repeater field and then are displayed in order.

    So, that update kind of is ruled out for me right now.

    However, we have several Custom Fields which are “Relationship” fields which are built into templates so we can pull specific posts into a page or indicate a group of custom post is related to another specific type of custom post.

    We also use it to select what specific content we want to feature on our homepage.

    Those relationship fields allow us to search through custom posts – we indicate what the type of custom pots are and then are able to search for a specific post. That works correctly.

    When the post shows up that we want to add we see the + sign. When we press it, the post doesn’t move into the the selected field. It turns slightly gray and the + sign goes away but nothing happens.

    I am wondering if there is a possible conflict with another plugin. I’ve looked into the suspected plugin conflicts in the forums and such but we don’t have any of them installed.

    However, we did do updates to WordPress (for security reasons) and I wonder if there is some interaction with the core which may be causing this to happen?

    If there isn’t a fix, I wonder if there is a way I can go into PHP My admin and change or add items into the WP_postmetas which would allow the custom posts to show up. If I knew how to do that, it would be a work-around.

    I am attaching a screenshot of the Dashboard of what it looks like after I press the + button for reference.

    Thank you for any help anyone may have in advance!


  • This is appears to be a conflict with the ACF v4.3.9 and any install of WordPress 4.5 or higher.

    Using MAMP, I downgraded WordPress and I am able use the field on any version of WP up until 4.5.

    If I find anything else, I will post.



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