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relationship field not pre-selecting the submitted value

  • hello ACF support team,

    i got ACF pro installed in the most recent version

    i added a realtionship field where users can select a page via the select drop down field. all working fine and good.

    but if users then edit that custom post type, the select drop down is just empty. not showing the previously selected value / page

    what do i need to do to get that select drop down field to pre-select the earlier submitted value? with an ’empty’ value it looks a bit confusing, as there’s actually a value submitted but the select field just doesn’t show this.

    thanks & all the best


  • I just did a quick test and this is working for me as expected.

    Try disabling other plugins, possibly switching to one of the WP 20XX themes. See what needs to be deactivated to get it to work.

    There could also be PHP error that are causing the values to not be selected. You can turn on debugging to see if any errors are reported.

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