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Relationship field "Elements". Any chance we could see Categories?

  • For relationship fields, there is an “Elements” section with Featured Image, Post Title, and Post Type listed. It would be really cool if there was an option to show the respective category as well.

    For example, my company runs two annual conferences and so I have a custom post type of “Attendees” with taxonomy called “event_code” and categories within this taxonomy called “event_a” and “event_b”.

    If my relationship field was able to display attendees AND say what event code they are assigned to, that would be a huge help for the team of people that manages the site.

    Just an idea, but theoretically looks like something that could be implemented with ease.

  • Hi @sdawson26

    Thanks for the request. This feature has already been added to ACF v5 which will be available soon.


  • I’m looking for almost the same. A way to show an ACF group to all custom taxonomy terms of a taxonomy. Now I can select each terms but not the taxonomy itself.

  • Hi @trouille2

    Your comment is not related to the relationship field.
    Can you please create a new thread and be more descriptive?


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