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register_field_group broken on latest update?

  • I’m using register_field_group() in my functions.php. After the update to 4.3.1 it throws the error: ” Call to undefined function register_field_group() ” unless I wrap it with ‘if (function_exists)’. However, when I do that, I get errors where my theme tries to get fields registered in functions.php.

    Seems the function doesn’t exist anymore (?).

    Thanks. Huge fan of the plugin btw.

  • Hi @psorensen

    from which version did you update from? Looking at the api.php file, I can see that the register_field_group function does exist correctly, and on my local install, the function works as per normal.

    Perhaps the issue is due to including the plugin in your theme. Is ACF also installed as a plugin? Is your code running before ACF has loaded?


  • Turns out it was just an incomplete install. Re-installed and everything works fine. Thanks for the quick support! A+

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