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Question about WPML, ACF, and Data Loss

  • Hi there,

    I had a question about one of the sections on this ACF Doc page:

    It says in 4. Avoid Data Loss:

    The ‘Copy’ setting will (upon update of the post) copy across the original post’s value and replace the translated post’s value.

    So I have a page with ACF fields/groups and I’ve completed all the steps it says in the WPML management. So now my question is, I do want to copy the fields from the original page and if I use “copy” on the custom fields as pictured in that step #4, the names of the fields themselves don’t change right? Just the values?

    Want to confirm because I already have a working page template and don’t want to re-code for every language. I’m hoping the page can use the same template and just swap out the values depending on the language.


  • I wrote to the support help desk and received my answer. Yes this will copy over the field names so they’ll have the same name in the template code, but I’m still free to change the values per language.

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