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Querying post object relational field

  • I am hoping someone can help me.
    I have a small project where I am creating a sort of book and comic directory.

    Currently it works like this:

    There is a custom post type called brand where you can create the brand for example, batman.

    There is then a book/comic custom post type where you can add the individual book/comic and write a review on it as the single post.
    On the brand cpt single posts, I have a repeatable field that has 2 fields within it:
    – one relational post object field where the user can select a book from the book/comic cpt
    – a description field to write about why they’ve selected it.

    All of the above works great, the bit I am stuck on is on the book/comic single posts, I want to be able to show all the brands that particular post has been selected on via the post object field on all of the book/comic single posts.

    Does anyone know how to do this or if it is possible? Sorry if the above is confusing, let me know if I need to make it any clearer.


  • You would need to search the for the comic post ID in the post object field of the repeater of the brand post.

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