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Query options in post_object field – only choose same value once in all shop_ord

  • Hey guys hope you can help me in the right direction with my problem.
    I have a webshop. In my shop_orders i have made af ACF post_object select field in which I can choose multiple shop_orders from.
    But I only want to be able to choose a shop_order from the field one time, so if I choose the shop_orders with IDs #1 and #2 then I dont want to be able to choose IDs #1 and #2 again anywhere (or at least not in the same field in the other shop_orders).

    I have played around a bit with this filter:
    And I understand how I can manually exclude certain shop_orders from the post_object select field with $args[‘exclude’].
    But i want to automaticaly loop through all the shop_orders and check which values has be chosen in the different shop_orders and then put them all in the $args[‘exclude’] so those values cant be chosen again in any other shop_order.

    But I dont know how I can loop through all the shop_orders inside the post_object query filter.
    Here is an explanation of how the code could look like but it is just for give an idea of what I want to achieve, it is not a working code in any way:

    I dont expect that someone wants to write the code for me. All I need is just to be pointed in the right direction and to get some links to things I can read or something. Thank you.

    function my_post_object_query( $args, $field, $post_id ) {
    	// exclude all shop_orders with certain IDs
    	$args['exclude'] = ''; // '1,2,3,4' IDs of shop_orders to exclude
    	// get all shop_orders
    	$shop_orders = get_posts(array('post_type'=>'shop_order'));
    	// loop through all shop_orders
    	foreach( $shop_orders as $shop_order ):
    		// get the Post Object field inside each shop_order
    		$shop_order_field = get_field( 'my_field', $shop_order->ID );
    		$shop_order_field_values = ??????;// get selected values from the field somehow
    		// for each value from the field
    		foreach( $shop_order_field_values as $val ):
    			$args['exclude'] .= $val . ','; // put the selected values into the exclude argument
    	// now i return the arguments which will filter away all the shop_orders that has already been selected in the my_field in any of the shop_orders
    	return $args; 
    add_filter('acf/fields/post_object/query/name=my_field', 'my_post_object_query', 10, 3);
  • I think I should use wc_get_orders() instead of get_posts() in my code:

    I will try it tomorrow.
    But any help is still much appreciated.

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