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Query by post object field

  • I’m trying to achieve this but idk where to start any help would be appreciated .

    I have a custom post type called score with 4 fields as follows
    1. Participant ( post object )
    2. Event ( post object )
    3. Game ( taxo)
    4. Score ( number )

    I an trying to do a search query where I’ll be able to select event from the available events , below that , I’ll have option to select three games from the available games . Below that I’ll have option to add score for each game I have selected (3 fields) . So basically this will return participants that have played that three games that I have selected with score more than I have set in the form for the respective Categories and for that particular event as following columns structure ..

    1. Participant
    3. Score in first game
    4. Score in second game
    5. score in third game

    Is there any way to achieve this ? I have lost almost hours trying this still no clue.. help?

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