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Pulling Data into ACF From A Seperate Post Type

  • I’ve been using ACF for awhile but never really dug to deep into it as a lot of the features I needed were pretty straight forward. I’m mostly wondering with this post if ACF can handle this type of customization.

    I’ve got a custom website designed which is used for sports (ice hockey in particular). It has a custom post type created called Players through the plugin CPTUI with some meta data created via Advanced Custom Fields.

    The players post is fine as is, what I’m trying to accomplish is to create a seperate custom post type called Rankings, to rank the players.

    Basically what I’m looking for is the capability to query all the players via the year (or Date of birth), then there would be rankings 1-100 (or whatever number chosen) through I was thinking a repeater field with a drop down of players from the year selected. I assume this would all be done via ajax but Im not terribly great at programming.

    I’ve attached a screenshot of what I had in mind here:

    Each year of the rankings would be a new custom post in the rankings custom post type.

    Is this something that’s possible or something I’ll need to hire someone for? I don’t mind learning it myself if ACF can make it happen but I haven’t found anywhere through searching yet for a tutorial.

  • Is something like this possible? Yes. Is it something that I could explain? Not in much detail. You’d basically need to dynamically generate a field group for your new post type based on the values in the first post type and you’d also need to dynamically load values for the field in the field group.

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