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Pull post title into custom field

  • I’m trying to find the best way to automate a process. I have about 300 media items that are named with a standard convention: slide1, slide2, slide3, etc.

    I want to give users the ability to download a matching named slide[whatever].pptx file from the front end media attachment page. I can do this easily by adding a custom field for the link and using that, but what would be better is if I could just have ACF somehow make the page title into a custom field so I can just pull it into the link.

    I’m using the Divi theme builder primarily. Is there a way to copy the page title into an ACF field so I can use Divi’s “raw html” option to prepend and append the proper HTML to make it into a link? Or is there a better way?

    I can also access the attachment PHP, but don’t really know enough PHP to make significant changes.

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