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Provide Boilerplate / Sample Code Based on Field Groups

  • So, I’ve been using this plugin since literally version 1.0 and I cannot speak higher about it. Amazing stuff.

    I find myself constantly going to the docs to gather sample code, then copy and paste it in and edit.

    I think it’d be awesome if you could click a button “preview template code” and it would provide copy pasteable code using your exact field groups. Even have it formatted exactly how it is in the docs. This way, when I create a huge amount of fields on a page, I could click this button, paste into template, and then move things around as needed.

    Does something like this exist and I’m unaware?

  • Something like that KIND of exists… You might have to do a bit of work yourself but if you use a coding editor like Sublime Text 2, there are code snippets specifically for ACF.

    All in all, you should ALWAYS be using code snippets so that you can standardize your coding style and speed up your workflow.

    The guy who created Sublime Text 2 actually wrote a library for this:

    Not bad but not perfect!

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