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Proper setup

  • I’m building a job board website in WordPress and cannot figure out the right setup using ACF. I don’t know how to setup the site in such a way that a company can have a profile page under which several jobs can be listed. Moreover, allow a users to submit company, job post, and both. Do I use 2 custom post types? If so, how do I establish the relationship between company and job post. Do I use 1 custom type? If so, how do I capture all the job post submissions and not duplicate the company details.

  • I would create 2 post types. Company Profile would have a relationship field to list all of the jobs. Job listing would have a post object field to choose the company it is associated with. I would make the relationship/post object fields bidirectional, meaning that choosing something on one end would automatically update the field on the other end of the relationship.

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