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Product detail page > image gallery using ACF

  • Hi

    I am working on a custom theme which has a product details page.

    I am using the flex slider free version. Below is sample link what I am looking for (have a look at the image and thumbs)

    I want the same thing, I am using NextGen gallery, I define image gallery for each product, then in my custom post types, I have added an ACF field called “image_gallery” which I attach to post (i.e. product) and on front end, I want to show it the same as in above URL i.e. thumbs below and when you click them, they will give you a preview and when you click on bigger image, it will show full image in lightbox.

    I am able to retrieve image gallery attached to each post but that doesn’t appear the way as in above link.


  • Hi @webwebby

    So just to clarify, ACF is returning the gallery data correctly, however you are not sure how to render out the image slider?

    have you reviewed the documentation on this site for the gallery field? There is a pretty clear code example of how to render a slider.


  • HI @elliot

    Thanks I found it :).

    The code seems to be perfect but let me tell you few things. I am using NextGen gallery plugin. I have created galleries there for each post. In ACF, I have create a field called “image_gallery” and the field type is “NextGEN Gallery (I am using another plugin called Advanced Custom Fields: NextGen Gallery Custom Field which adds a “NextGen Gallery” as a field type for me in my ACF.

    Now on front end, I am able to get the gallery as thumbnails. But I want to integrate my gallery to FlexSlider type as in the above link or the ACF Gallery page code tells.

    This is my scenario, I hope this will tell you more details of what and how I am doing.

    What I think is I have to modify the ACF image_gallery field settings? What Return type should I select? My field type is NextGEN Gallery.

    My php skills are not so good 🙁


  • Hi @webwebby

    I’m sorry to hear that your PHP skills are not so good, because ACF is a PHP developer plugin.

    The field type you are using is built by another developer (not me), so I am unable to instruct you on what code to write to render your desired HTML.

    Perhaps you need to hire a freelance web developer? Or contact the developer of the field type?


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