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Problems with the new clone field

  • Hi @cloud9

    I won’t be able to work on the clone field’s limitations until after 5.5.0 is released.
    I hope to do so in the next few months.


  • Hi Elliot, since I see you were planning to work on this issue after 5.5.0 I thought I’d bump this to see if there’s been any progress?

    I know personally it’d be amazing if we could treat grouped Clone fields as 1-row repeaters. That would solve a number of problems with my implementation.

  • Hi @kmdg

    Thanks for the reply.

    It would be great if you could start a fresh thread (support ticket, not forum topic) so we can setup your exact issue, debug it and look at solutions.

    Can you please open a support ticket here:

    Please provide a clear description of the issue and any relevant images / code (attach .zip please) for me to setup and replicate the issue.

    * Be sure to ask for me (Elliot) in the support ticket so it can be escalated quickly.


  • @elliot @cloud9 @ttws @contex @drumba

    hey, is there any update or a solution to fix this issue? I have the same issue like all other user of this thread. I know I can use the “Seamless Mode”, but this have not the “Conditional Logic”. But I need the Conditional Logic, to show the clone field not for each user selection. If I’m working with the “Group Mode”, the fields from the clone will not saved. I’m working with an clone repeater field inside a repeater.

    I hope for an solution to fix this issue 🙂

    EDIT: the only workaround for me is to change the field from “Group” to “Seamless” and add a “Tab” field before this clone field. After this I can use the “Conditional Logic” for the Tab field and his children fields.

  • Any update on this one? 🙂

  • Hi guys.

    I’m currently working on a solution for 5.6.0.
    The idea is to allow the clone field (and the new group field) to be ‘looped’ through using the have_rows() function just like a repeater / flex field value.

    This will allow the have_rows() function and sub field functions to work with the clone’s sub fields!

    I’ll report back when I have some more news


  • Hi Elliot,

    I also have issues with nested clones in a Flexible content field.

    [The nested clone field is not saving.]

    Are there any updates?


  • Hi @colinas84

    Thanks for the reply. Can you please open a support ticket with a full description of the issue.


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