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Problem displaying group

  • Hi guys,

    First I wanted to say I have a learning disability and a hard time understanding stuff. Today we had the first lesson for advanced custom fields. we had to make posts and display them and everything went fine. Now I told my teacher I understood it but I only understood it when he explained it. Now I’m having to deliver my assignment in 2 hours and I kept failing for the last 5 hours.

    So I made a group for vacancies, made many posts in it, like we did in school. And now I simply wanted to display it by ID:

    I wanted to first test by simply displaying 1 post from there but couldn’t even succeed there, right now i’m at: <?php get_field($vacancies, [$post_id = 329], [$format_value]);
    echo $post_id; ?> – tried changing everything but it just display the number. Any help would be appreciated!!

    PS: I watched youtube tutorials and am succeeding in displaying basics posts but couldnt find anyhting about groups.

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