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Pro: fields dissapeared and templates changed to default

  • Hello,

    Today I was working a new website I had worked on earlier this week and previous week. I haven’t installed any new plugins.

    Suddenly, none of the fields are shown that I created when I select the corresponding template. When I check other pages that I created and filled in yesterday or earlier, the page template has been changed to ‘Default template’ and the fields are shown. When I select the template these fields are defined for, they all disappear.

    Field group with 2 rules: IF page template is Detailpage OR post type is Experience. I’m really sure it’s OR and not AND (checked it 5 times).
    ACF Pro Version 5.7.11

    Things I’ve tried:
    – Add a rule IF page IS ‘business’ -> This displays the fields but I have over 100 pages so this won’t solve the problem.
    – Download previous version and install (5.7.10) -> Not solved

    All of the plugins that are on my website were there when it was still working.

  • Sorry, I just discovered that I had the same ‘template name’ for 2 templates and this was causing the issue.
    You can close topic.

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