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Predefine Rows in Repeater or New Post Template

  • Hi guys,

    ACF Pro plugin is awesome. It brings so much usability and flexibility for content management!

    I would love to have an opportunity to predefine rows in Repeater to cover the most common cases.

    Consider the following scenario. There is a custom post type Person and custom Fields Group created for specifying personal info: age, weight, height, nationality etc (imagine that there are 20 more values). I have Repeater created with the following fields: Select (with values age, weight, height, nationality etc.) and Text (where admin can specify value).

    The problem is that when creating New Person, the personal info is Blank initially and all rows need to be created from scratch. And the thing is that around 4-5 rows are commonly used across all Posts (aka age, birth date, email etc.).

    It would be cool if I could create something like a ‘New Post Template’ for Repeater, where I can specify which Rows (along with selected values) to create initially on New Post creation. It is much easier to delete existing row then from Repeater than create new one along with choosing proper value from Select field.

    Or maybe there is some hook available in API that allows to embed values in Repeater on Post Creation?

    Looking forward for your thoughts.


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