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Post Template and Child Themes

  • Hello,

    In my main/parent theme, I have created a custom post type and taxonomy. I’ve also created several posts using the custom post type. When I create the post, I select the post template.

    My post template PHP file starts with this at the top

    * Template Name: Staff Member
    * Template Post Type: post, staff-member

    Now in my custom field group location, I have set the Post Template = Staff Member. So depending on which post template is selected it will display my custom field group.

    Everything works the way it should in my parent theme. When I select the dropdown for the Post Template, it shows all my post templates but when I active my child theme it doesn’t load my post template options in the dropdown. It only loads one which is “default template.” When I switch back to my parent theme, it works again, and I can see my list of post templates.

    Any ideas? I’m using ACF Pro 5.5.14

  • Hi, just wondering if you had a chance to look into this issue?

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